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Abbott looks for goals at Newcastle

This weekend Opposition Leader Tony Abbott  with his shoal of remora minders and the selected parliamentary press crews landed on the huge airstrip at Newcastle Waters station in the NT. The airport a legacy of the late Kerry Packer, one-time owner of this cattle station as well as many others. Abbott paraded about for the … Continue reading

A Bedford with a History

I first saw Brian Manning’s J Series Bedford in his backyard in the Darwin suburb of Stuart Park a decade ago. Vines and long grass grew in and around the truck. I was talking to Brian about another matter, but he told me something of the history of this little truck, a history that is … Continue reading

A Truckie’s tea party

Who’d a thought! Twenty years ago it’d be a mob of the boys at the Maranga telling lies and changing gears, being jack-knifed on jumpups and stiff-poling through bogs. A far more gentile occasion at the Taminmin library at Humpty Doo on Saturday (April 9). The road warriors, with age settling gently on worn shoulders, … Continue reading