About NT truck

Bruce Honeywill – Editor

Bruce was the editor and managing editor of Truckin’ Life magazine through the Eighties. He was founding editor of Longhaul magazine and founding editor of Big Rigs. He is the author of the hard cover book Bulldog Breed and the writer / producer of the Roadtrain series of video documentaries, the first magazine style video productions in the world. He has been a senior journalist with the ABC in the Northern Territory and Queensland and was Head of News with Imparja Television in the Nineties (based in Alice Springs). Since 2006 He has been a university lecturer teaching journalism in Australia and New Zealand.

Neil Bromley – Technical Editor

Neil came to the Northern Territory with Mack Trucks in 1980. For many years he was the Manager of Mack Trucks in Darwin, has worked for Castrol and when he has had to, driven trucks for a living. Today Neil is an Automotive Museum Curator and is employed full time in vehicle restoration in Darwin by Jim Cooper’s group.

Lindsay Davies – Newshound at large

Truck driver, plant operator, bearded road warrior, Lindsay has been part of the Territory road transport landscape for decades, usually from behind the wheel or yarning as the trucks go past.


You! Send in material, stories, ideas, bullet points – we can turn good stories into readable English if you have concerns in that direction.



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