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A Truckie’s tea party

Who’d a thought! Twenty years ago it’d be a mob of the boys at the Maranga telling lies and changing gears, being jack-knifed on jumpups and stiff-poling through bogs.

A far more gentile occasion at the Taminmin library at Humpty Doo on Saturday (April 9). The road warriors, with age settling gently on worn shoulders, gathered and talked over cups of tea and delicately cut sandwiches to exchange memories, experiences and to reminisce over the great collection of photographs put together for the occasion.

The afternoon tea (yep, that’s right) was organised by the Friends of the Library and Bob Foster and Kevin ‘Renegade’ Rennehan. And it was a very pleasant affair. Lizard had an RTA Kenworth parked outside the library. Funny how the truck, Lizard and many others see the geneology of RTA stretching in a straight line back to Noel Buntine, cemented once more by Brook Hartley’s skills of knowing when an old cow anywhere in the Territory is even looking at a truck. Ownership (Hamptons from WA at present) seems almost a sideshow to the real event of Buntine’s spirit living on. And the photos on the display boards at Taminmin library certainly support this notion.

The talks were short, networking over cups-o’-tea the main idea of the day. Poetry was read. Waldo, with verse as rugged as the corrugations on the Vic Highway before it was sealed, told us of the seduction of Bundy Rum. But the day was all about catching up with fogies old and not so old, those with a deep and sincere interest in remembering the very special nature of road transport in the Northern Territory.


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